Red Cross Emergency Communications Vehicle (ECRV)

Note that he mentioned Amateur Radio.


Cisco’s Network Emergency Response Vehicle (NERV)

Pajari Peak packet node

The “PAJARI” packet node is also operational. It is located on Pajarito peak. Please try it out.

Packet node on Sandia Crest.

The VHF packet node is up and operational on Sandia Crest. It is on 145.010, and is called “SCREST”. It sees Capila, Buck and SVH (Santa Fe). As time goes on, it may see more distant nodes. One may connect to it or digi thru it. It should greatly extend coverage in the Middle Rio Grande area. Thanks to Paul Choc for donating spare parts and shack space on the Crest for the gadget.
Y’all give it a try so we can determine its usefulness and/or stability as the temp drops up there.