Grab and Go Kit


Being ready to go helps speed communications.

The majority of these items should be kept in a “Ready Box” so that all you need to do is pick up the box and you will be ready to go. You might also consider the items on the extended list for inclusion in this ready box. This list is designed to allow you to stay in the field for up to 72 hours. Label everything with name.

I. Basic Complement

  • 2 meter HT plus 12 hours worth of batteries (a dual band 2M/440 is better) plus removable Mobile with power even better..
  • Consider a waterproof bag to protect it from the elements
  • Full-size (1/4 or 5/8 wave) antenna for better performance and a magnetic mount antenna
  • AC to DC adapter and auto cigarette lighter plug cable to power HT
  • Remote speaker/microphone or headset
  • Headphones (or earphone) with correct connector to plug into radio, for use in noisy areas
  • Extra coax for antenna and connectors and adapters for radio, plus electrical and duct tape
  • Thomas Guide Map book, Roads of NM or other local maps
  • Repeater listing frequency directory
  • Users manual for your radios or cheat sheets
  • Message forms, writing pads, pens and clipboard, logbook, SCARES SOP manual
  • SCARES badge, copy of FCC license
  • An ARES jacket, hat, vest or other identifying article.
  • Appropriate clothes for the weather, terrain and duration.
  • Dress to stay warm and dry.
  • Hat, sunglasses and sun block during warm sunny weather or snowy, cold weather.
  • Food, water, and needed medicines for at least 12 hours
  • First Aid Kit, with First Aid and CPR training?
  • Night time gear, flash, light extra batteries and bulb, reflective vest, chemical type flares in vehicle
  • Small tool kit, spare tire , gas / water shut off tools?

II. Extended List

  • Second radio with 12 hours of battery power
  • Base station antenna i.e.. J-pole and mounting hardware
  • 50 feet of coax with connectors
  • Scanner radio and frequency list of local public safety agencies
  • Large 12 volt battery, Gel or deep cycle, charger, 100 feet of AC power cord, large gauge , spare fuses for inline fuses on radio, power speaker, headphones and microphone AC/DC charger cords for cell phone
  • Poster paper, markers and tape for signs
  • Hard-hat for your head
  • 3-way electrical adapter (for 2 prong outlets)
  • Whistle
  • Waterproof paper , lots of post it notes

III. Personal gear (short duration)

  • Snacks high calorie with protein
  • Liquid refreshment – at least 1 gallon of water!
  • throat lozenges or gum
  • 3 day supply personal medicine
  • Pain reliever aspirin/ motrin/ tylenol/ antacids
  • Extra pair of prescription glasses
  • Sunglasses and lens cleaner IV. Personal gear (long duration)
  • Foul weather gear (it might rain?!)
  • 3 day supply of drinking water and food
  • Mess kit with cleaning kit & can opener
  • First aid kit
  • Sleeping bag
  • Toilet articles
  • Alarm clock
  • Flashlight with extra batteries, candles, waterproof matches
  • 3 day change of clothes·

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