Many of our files are in PDF format. To read PDF files you are requiered to have Adobe Acrobat Reader. To get it, go to Adobe’s web site

SCARES Emergency Plan (Word Doc)

Net Control script

NCS Manual

ICS Forms available here

ICS Forms

Morse Code Copy Sheet for us newbees to write it down

ARES Field Manual  Good info to take with you

Public Service Communications Manual from ARRL. A must read for all.

Membership flyer (Word Doc)

Frequency Allocation Chart  (PDF Document, can zoom in on any area of chart)

Space Weather Presentation by Charlie Christmann

Free HF propogation software Thanks Jay Miller

Winlink 2K and NM ARES Presentation by Jay Miller and Gary Bonebrake

Winlink for ARES Great info on Winlink

Winlink 2k info

ARESPack – Easy to use packet terminal.

IZ8BLY’s MT-63 Terminal

Antenna presentation by Brian Mileshosky, N5ZGT. ©2007

Field Antenna Handbook Thanks Gary Bonebrake


Batteries in Fact and Fiction or The care and feeding of batteries

Battery Backup Power By Vance Loen WV5L

12 Volt Standby Power System; How to build


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